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Your customers have changed. So should your customer service.

Today's customers prefer a quick and effortless customer service experience. Freshdesk 消息传递 helps you deliver on these expectations through conversational messaging and AI-powered bots.

One inbox for all messages

See all messages from customers in one place, wherever it comes from - in-app chat, 网站聊天, WhatsApp, 脸谱网 Messenger, iMessage,更. 支持 customers across messaging apps and devices

自助服务. 到处都是

Build once and deploy chatbots on all messaging apps and devices. 回答问题, guide customers to resolution, and gracefully escalate  to an agent - all done automatically


Reduce your cost of providing customer service. Move  from costly and slow channels to cost-effective modern messaging to scale efficiently

Move beyond traditional live-chat to modern business messaging

Have asynchronous conversations with your customers across messaging apps and devices






Provide instant solutions


Provide instant solutions. Deploy AI-powered chatbots using our low-code, easy-to-use bot builder to help customers resolve their questions fast - from information to transactional, regardless of the channel they're on.








Simplify how customers connect with you


支持 customers where they are - on modern conversational experiences like WhatsApp, 苹果的商业聊天, 脸谱网, 行, 在你的网站上, and inside your mobile app. Simplify agent responses with a single inbox.








Proactive customer service

Be proactive and earn customer trust.


Anticipate when customers may need assistance and send messages to let them know that you're available and eager to offer support.






Accelerate customer experience innovation - with Neo.

Quickly innovate to meet your expanding customer support needs with Neo - the open and flexible 企业 platform providing rich APIs for custom integration, 自动化工作流, 智能分析, and ecosystem partner solutions.



Connect all your tools and data

Instantly connect customer support across your business with over 1,000 pre-delivered integrations for the 市场 apps that you use today


Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes

Get started today with new conversational experiences that your customers will love! 


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