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Our innovative approach to enterprise software has enabled more than 50,000 large and small businesses worldwide to exceed the expectations of customers and employees。With easy-to-use SaaS software, we can meet all unfulfilled promises at once and help our customers achieve visible business results。

Satisfy your customers

We will help you exceed rising customer expectations by presenting contextual and relevant conversations from a comprehensive customer perspective。

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Satisfy your employees

We will help your employees achieve higher internal net recommendation score (NPS) through intuitive, easy-to-use products, so that they don't waste time browsing through old software that is both heavy and hard to use。

Solution for IT service management Solution for hr management

Smooth, simple and easy

Freshworks makes it easy and fast for organizations to increase customer and employee satisfaction。We're creating new ways for companies to explore, experience, and realize the value of software throughout the process。

Start-up and operation without obstacles

Try or buy the software directly from our website, so you can get it on the shelves in a few days instead of months。

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Our pricing solutions are designed for modern commercial use cases and are affordable for businesses of all sizes

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Build and customize anytime and anywhere

With low code development and more than 1,100 custom applications available in the marketplace, you'll be able to expand and adapt your experience to suit your unique business needs。

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Accelerate team productivity and efficiency through modern automation and collaborative work tools to achieve concrete results quickly。

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More than 50,000 customers from all walks of life

We are a leading provider of modern SaaS solutions that solve complex business problems for companies of all sizes。Businesses in more than 120 countries use Freshworks products to meet the needs of their customers and employees every single day。

Our vision is to become one of the most popular companies in the world


Our culture supports high quality work, joy and pride at work, faster execution and close customer attention。


Diversity, equality and inclusion across the board are values we value most。


We will strengthen the leadership of the supervisor to focus on the improvement of the whole team experience。


The number of employees in offices in India, the United States, Europe and Australia has reached 4,000 and continues to grow。

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Join us now as more than 50,000 companies of all sizes use Freshworks' modern SaaS offerings to make it easy and fast to increase customer and employee satisfaction。

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