Freshworks ensures conformance to global regulations and industry practices in order to maintain privacy and 安全 of its customer’s data. All our products provide gdpr-ready capabilities to help our customers meet their compliance obligations. Freshworks extends these capabilities not only to customers in the EU, but to all our customers worldwide.

加强个人隐私权, the European Union brought about the General Data Protection Regulation or gdpr, 加强现有的数据保护指令. The Regulation issued by the European Union applies to businesses processing personal data of European residents, 自2018年5月25日起生效.





Incorporate 安全 by design in products, to protect personal data


Streamline processes to help customers meet compliance obligations

致力于保护客户的个人资料, Freshworks is here to help our customers understand significance of the gdpr, its requirements and our allegiance to align with global standards.

7 gdpr关键原则

The gdpr encourages businesses to be responsible about an individual’s data. 通过确保这些数据的保护和隐私, businesses earn customer trust and they are likely to engage better with the business. gdpr provides a framework for businesses to standardize and regularize real-world 安全 and privacy needs of an individual's data used for business purposes. The key principles which the gdpr requires businesses to operate on are:

1. 合法、公正、透明的流程: 强调对所有人的透明度.e. 当收集数据时, businesses must be clear as to why data is being collected and what will it be used for.

2. 目的限制: 收集数据,只为了你需要它的目的. that is, data collected for specific purposes/reasons cannot be further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes/reasons.

3. 数据最小化: 确保捕获的数据是充分的、相关的和有限的. 基于这一原则, organizations must ensure they store minimum amount of data required for their purpose.

4. 精确和最新的处理: Data controllers must ensure information remains accurate, valid and fit for purpose. 遵守, organizations must institute processes and policies to address how they maintain data they are processing and storing it.

5. 以一种允许识别的形式限制存储: Have control over storage and movement of data within the organization. 这包括实现和执行数据保留策略, 防止未经授权的数据移动和存储.

6. 保密和安全: An organization collecting and processing data is solely responsible for implementing appropriate 安全 measures to protect the individuals data.

7. 问责制和责任: Organizations must be able to demonstrate adoption of necessary steps to protect an individual’s personal data, and be able to pull up every step within the gdpr strategy as evidence.



The gdpr applies to organisations located within the EU and also organisations located outside the EU. It applies to all companies processing personal data of individuals residing in the European Union, 无论公司位于哪里.


The regulation has been in effect since May 2018, after a two-year transition period.

Who​ ​is​ ​a​ ​Data​ ​Protection​ ​Officer​ ​(DPO)​ ​and​ ​does​ ​my​ ​business​ ​need one?

The DPO is responsible for informing employees of their compliance obligations as well as conducting monitoring, 培训, 以及gdpr要求的审计. 如果您:

  • 处理大量个人数据
  • 对个人进行大规模的系统监测,
  • 是公共部门的权威吗

Freshworks的所有产品都符合要求吗, 这些能力是否只适用于欧盟的公司?

Freshworks的所有产品和服务都符合要求, and to help our customers meet their compliance obligations our products have released new features. 阅读更多 在Freshdesk上的gpd准备功能,以及 点击这里 以获得更多有关Freshworks产品套件的有用资源. 这些产品能力并不局限于欧盟, 但RB88热博所有的客户可以在世界各地.


No, gdpr并不要求欧盟的个人数据留在欧盟内部, nor does it place any new restrictions on transfer of personal data outside the EU. Data transfers from the EU to outside can be legitimized in many ways including,

  • 美国的隐私保护
  • 型号或合同条款

Freshworks uses both the above mentioned methods to legitimize data transfers. Therefore customers do not need to move their data, or restrict data to the EU.

What is the cloud or Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) advantage to meeting data governance policies?

Meeting compliance requires investments in time, effort, cost and expertise. 解决方案在于成为云或SaaS生态系统的一部分, 它已经在数据管理的安全模型上运行. 这为管理和处理数据提供了一个安全的环境, and accommodate efforts required to keep pace with changing policies. This way you can focus on the success goals of your business and not worry about infrastructure and 安全 requirements to meet compliance.

How​ ​does​ ​my​ ​business​​ ​benefit​ ​by​ ​complying​ ​with the​ ​gdpr?

gdpr需要公平, 透明度, 精度, 安全, minimisation and respect for rights of the individual whose data businesses want to process. The gdpr helps restore consumer trust by governing rules of data protection and rights across the EU. This helps gain customer trust, and they are likely to engage better with the business. Apart from this businesses can capitalize on opportunities through:

  • Cost savings and less complicated policy management by dealing with 1 law, not 28. This otherwise required expenses and efforts dealing with regulations for each member state locally.
  • Consistency in practice of data protection measures both in and outside the EU. 这是因为对所有企业都适用同样的规定, 不管他们在哪里.
  • 这项规定使创新在新法律下得以蓬勃发展.


同意是一种方式,但不是处理数据的唯一方式. gdpr提供了其他处理数据的方法:

  • 合作必要性
  • 合法利益
  • 切身利益

如欲了解更多信息,请浏览 信息专员办公室


个人有权要求删除其个人数据, 如果它不再需要了.

What​ ​does​ ​gdpr​ ​mean​ ​by​ ​“data protection​ ​by​ ​design​ ​and​ ​by​ ​default”?

通过设计手段保护数据, 确保只收集所需的个人资料, and also incorporate privacy features and functionality into products and services from the time they are first designed.

数据保护的默认方式, businesses must implement appropriate measures to mitigate privacy risks at the time of collection of the data, RB88热博也可以在处理的时候扩展它.